Welcome to Croatia

Explore the most beautiful country in the world.

Sun and clear blue sea

Croatia has much to offer including an enormous variety of landscapes, a wide choice of unique cities, towns and villages, a great climate, wonderful beaches and crystal clear sea.

Culture and heritage

Croatia also has the highest number of UNESCO Intangible Goods of any European country. A rich cultural heritage that lives beyond museums, churches, cathedrals and castles.

Move to Croatia

There are numerous reasons why you should consider buying a house in our „land of a thousand islands“. The ability to realise your dreams is a wonderful gift.

Our mission

To assist our customers from the first day to the very end, and even further.

About us

Established in January of 2019 in Split, Croatia, Adriatic Realty Group is a very young real estate company who have started on their first step on an exciting journey towards providing the optimum real estate service in our land of a thousand islands. Whether you need help from a broker, or just property related advice we invite you to join us on this journey. Our work so far, from hotel management to nautical tourism, has provided us with many experiences and knowledge as to what clients may require, which we will use as guidelines to become one of the most trustful associates in this geographic and service area. Our most important mission is to identify the client's wishes and carry them out quickly, effectively and efficiently. We believe that our time is our value, and that might be exactly what you need.

Our team

As well as real estate agents, our team also offers an accountancy service, which can help you in the area of accounting, and experienced lawyers specialized in property law, who can provide advice and take professional care of your ownership rights.

Area we cover

Where we operate

Adriatic coast

The most beautiful coast in the world.

Adriatic islands

Perfect opportunity for island-hopping.

Continental Croatia

Full of tradition and experience.


What we do

  • Real Estate Agency

    We provide a complete property service on the Adriatic coast including organizing visits to selected properties, assistance in the preparation of offers, support in the negotiation of the purchase price, documentation checking and clarification, and legal services.

  • Home Assistance

    With our home assistance, we can also offer you all you need in the field of other real estate services: architectural planning, moving, interior design, cleaning and general maintenance.

  • Cooperation

    We partner with some highly respected and successful architects, civil engineers, contractors and construction companies, who will help us make your idea a reality.

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